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WC 14/03/22

This week in school is assessment week so we have been using some of our English lessons to complete our reading assessments. If you are at home and well enough to complete some work we would like you to complete the below. 


Think about the story of Grandad's Island. As you know, we are going to be writing our own version of this story. I have attached the WAGOLL for you to have a read through to help you with your activity. 


So, I would like you to have a go at planning parts of your story. Think about two characters that you could use in your story. Remember the characters must love each other and enjoy spending time with each other. 


Task 1:

Describe both of your characters.

✓ Who are my characters and how do they know each other?
✓ Where will my characters first meet?
✓ How will they get to my setting?
✓ What fun activities will they do in my setting?
✓ Why will one of them stay?
✓ How will the one who stays behind get in touch with the other one?


Think about:

What do they look like?

What are their personalities like?

What do they enjoy?


We have learnt to describe lots and lots this year so I am hoping that you will include lots of features within your description of each character. Noun phrases, using senses, WOW adjectives, prepositions


Task 2:

Describe the setting where your characters arrive (just like the island where Grandad and Syd arrive)

• What can you see above/around/below?
• Where are the things you can see?
• Can you hear anything here?
• How does this place make you feel?
• Are there any unusual smells?
• What adventures might you get up to in this place?


You must try to use 

Noun phrases (could you use a comma correctly?)



Adverbs - (how do things move?)





Grandad's Island WAGOLL