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WC: 17.01.22



Today the children in school will be recording their work as they worked practically yesterday. At home I would like you to draw the ten and ones for your number sentence as well as making it practically using equipment. If you did this yesterday, then please can you create your own number sentences but don't go past 20 yet.


Remember to take lots of pictures, maybe today you could use something different practically to make your ten and ones.



Today we are looking at partitioning numbers when adding. Have a look at my written example below. 

Can you find objects around the house to make 1 ten and the number of ones? You could use cubes to build a tower of 10, or anything else that you can find.


If you can, then have a go at recording your work like my picture, or take photos of the tens and ones that you create. 


Questions for today


17 + 3


14 + 3


10 + 5


13 + 6


12 + 7


16 + 2 



Today in Maths, children will be looking at the + symbol and what this means. We are going to be looking at numbers and using different resources to help us count on and add 2 numbers together. In class, we will be using base 10, but at home, you can use counters or anything you can find. Stick to numbers within 20 and remember that if we have the number 14 for example, we have one 10 and 4 ones. (We touched on this last week). We are going to be doing this practically today and spend the rest of the week mastering and recording in our books.

Mrs Lloyd talking through today’s lesson

Still image for this video