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Half Term

Friday 29th May 2020


Good morning everyone happy Friday! We hope you’ve had a lovely half term week! It’s been lovely to see you all enjoying the beautiful weather going on walks with your families and playing with your toys outside! It looks like it’s going to be another hot, sunny day again today so make the most of it but don’t forget to stay sun safe! 

We will be back on Monday with our usual daily morning messages and another week of activities to keep you busy, so enjoy your weekend and we will see you very soon! 




How do you know that the sea is friendly? waves! 


Wednesday 27th May


Half way through half term and I hope you’re enjoying the nice weather still. Don’t forget your hat and sunscreen of course whilst you’re outside and make sure you’re still drinking plenty of water. 

The sun is shining again today, so why not get outside again if you can. Take a book and read, or count how many insects you can see. Smell some flowers or better yet maybe plant something new. My garden is growing nicely and there are a few different types of bees coming to visit! 

Stay safe, keep smiling and see you soon. 

Year 1 Team 




What do you call two octopuses who look exactly the same?


Monday 25th May 2020


Good Morning Everyone! 


It is officially half term week and that means no school work! However we have planned and saved lots of fun activities to keep you all busy. Click on the 'half term activities' tab to have a look. Please keep posting on SeeSaw as we would love to still see what you are up to but please enjoy a break from it if you would prefer. 


We would like to dedicate this morning message to Alfie and his family! They have become super famous and starred on TV last night. Well done everyone, we are very proud. Look below to see a photo of Alfie in action. 


Enjoy your half term week. 


Year 1 Team




Why to bananas wear suncream?


...because they peel!