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Wednesday 06.05.2020

LO: I can write a persuasive brochure.


Today you are going to finish writing your brochure. You need to write the last 2 paragraphs and then spend time editing your work so that it has everything you need. For this, you should work through the checklist below one at a time to make sure you can find each thing in your work. That way, you will know you haven't missed anything out. Remember you can use to help with spellings.



*Full stops and capital letters (especially for the name of your theme park and the name of rides)

*A question mark for your question

*Include all of AFOREST

*Perfect spelling

*Commas in lists

*Fronted adverbials

*A subordinate clause e.g. The Chocolate Swirl, our smallest ride, is perfect for children under the age of 5.

*Language to really grip and engage the reader.


When you have finished editing your work, give it to someone else to read and see if they are persuaded to visit your theme park.