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L.O. I can write a persuasive letter


Today I would like you to write a persuasive letter to the Prime Minister about palm oil, just as we have been thinking about in class. We want to explain to the Prime Minister what the issue is and why it needs to be sorted.

You may want to research a little about the effects of palm oil to include in your letter.

Don’t forget to include all the aspects of AFOREST.

There should be a minimum of 3 paragraphs.

I have also uploaded the toolkit WAGOLL for you to refer to.


When you have written your letter and checked it through, underline the different AFOREST features in different colours, just as we would in class.


Think about:

  • the tone of your letter – should it be formal or informal?
  • topic sentences
  • features of a letter (address, date etc)
  • sentence structure!!