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Wednesday 22nd April

Reading Comprehension


Today you are going to read about a famous inventor. Just like in school, there are three levels of challenge for you to choose from.


  • Trickiest Challenge - Thomas Edison - choose to complete one of the included comprehension sheets and answer using complete sentences.
  • Trickier Challenge - Alexander Graham Bell - complete the comprehension sheet.
  • Tricky Challenge - Alexander Graham Bell - complete the comprehension sheet by choosing the correct multiple choice answer.


Once you have read the text and answered the questions, check your answers to see how well you did.



Please note: As with all of the work, your child can write the answers in their book. There is no requirement to print the documents out unless you want to. If your child is struggling with the tricky challenge, read it through with them and then let them answer the questions orally to check understanding.

SPaG - I can group sentences.

SPaG - I can group sentences.


Read and sort the sentences into 3 groups. One about the garden, one about the inside of the house and one about the outside of the house.


You could:


  • Write each sentence in your book and put an A,B or C next to it so that you know which area of the house the sentence is describing.
  • Split your page into thirds and add titles. Then you could write each sentence in the correct third.
  • Print off the sheet and add an A,B or C at the end of each sentence.



This should take no longer than 20 minutes. If you haven't finished after this time then just finish the sentence that you are on.