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For this week's reading lesson, we will be learning about St George. In class, we have been reading 'The Egg' by MP Robinson. This story is about a young boy called George who finds a dragon's egg. Today, we are going to learn about who the real St. George was and why he is a patron saint. For today's task, choose which level of challenge you would like and answer each question using full sentences in your book. The answers are on the sheet so see how many marks you can get - no cheating!


Once you have done this, let me know how well you did and which challenge you chose.



Note: Please do not print off the entire document. Ask your child which difficulty they want to try and either just print that one off or your child can work using the screen, answering any question in their book.

It is your job to find and correct the punctuation mistakes in each sentence. Try to remember the rules of speech from last week or recap over them prior to the lesson using the poster. If you have a printer, print out the sheet and circle the mistakes before writing and punctuating the sentence correctly. If you are unable to print it out then write out each sentence correctly in your book.