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The Wyrmstooth Crown - I can choose an appropriate subordinating conjunction.

For today's task, choose your challenge and then read sentences 1-5 and see if you are able to find the subordinating conjunction in each sentence. If you are stuck, use the word bank at the bottom of the sheet to help you.You do not need to write these sentences out.


Once you have done that, neatly write sentences 6 - 10 in your book and see if you can include an appropriate subordinating conjunction for each sentence. Read each sentence out loud and see which conjunction from the word bank below sounds correct. Once you have found an appropriate conjunction, concentrate on writing the sentence out neatly and checking the punctuation.


Once you have done this, spend some time listening to a chapter of one of this week's audiobooks or listening to today's David Walliams story.

SPaG - I can extend a sentence

For SPaG today, please spend no more than 20 minutes extending the sentences. Choose your own challenge and remember to include commas to separate the subordinate clause from the main clause.