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I can group sentences


Like last week’s SPaG lessons, we are going to write a paragraph about Willy Wonka. Today, I want you to write your own facts about Willy Wonka and group them into the following areas.  



2.What he does.

3. Where he lives.


Split your page into thirds and use the above areas as headings. Write full sentences about Willy Wonka. Before you write them, think about which section they belong under.




Mr Wonka has a sharp beard and pointed ears which make him look like an elf. 


This would belong under the appearance heading.


When people ask him about the inside of his chocolate factory, Willy Wonka raises his finger to his nose and taps twice to tell them to mind their own business.


Where do you think this sentence belongs?



Top Tip: Remember to use your word mat from yesterday to help you with this task.

SPaG - What are adjectives?


Visit the website and learn about adjectives. Now watch the video once through to enjoy it. On the second viewing see how many adjectives you can think of to describe the nouns in the video.


Example - The magical purple hat. 


This is called a noun phrase.



How many did you find? Maybe you could have a competition to see if you can get more than your family members!

Pixar: Short Films "Presto" (2008)