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Today’s work is to think about the two characters that we met in chapter 6: Augustus Gloop and Veruca Salt. We are going to think about how Roald Dahl creates characters. Discuss these questions with someone else or think about them yourself:


  1. Why do you think Roald Dahl chose those names for the two children? Why do they suit the character?
  2. Each of these characters has negative traits: one is greedy and one is spoilt. How does Roald Dahl want you to feel about these characters? How is he successful?
  3. Why are the children like they are? Think about how their parents act around them. Why do you think they act like this? 


For today’s task, we are going to plan for tomorrow’s character description. Think about which of the two characters you would like to describe. Underneath, I have included some word mats to get you started but beware, not every adjective is suitable for each character. It is your job to choose the best ones.


You can plan this however you want. You could start of by drawing a picture of them while listening to chapter 6 again or you may want to rewatch yesterday's video clips.


Before you start, you may want to think of what you want to describe. 


  • Appearance – what they look like
  • Personality – how they act.
  • What they do
  • Family – what are their parents like? How do they behave around their family?


You might want to think about the kind of words that you want in your description:


Tricky – Adjectives from the word mat, FANBOYS conjunctions.


Trickier – Adverbs, ISAWAWABUB conjunctions


Trickiest – Similes, ISAWAWABUB conjunctions at the start or in the middle of your sentences.


Spend no more than 30 minutes planning your description.

Word Mats - I wasn't able to separate the different characters so just focus on Augustus Gloop or Veruca Salt.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Chapters 6, 7, 8 Read Aloud


SPaG - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Key Words



Can you find these key words from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in a word search? Choose your challenge and see if you can find them all. If you can't print this out then just see if you can find them without circling the answer.