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I can make a word bank


For today’s task, your job is to create your own word bank. This should be full of words or phrases that you could use to describe your golden ticket winner. Spend 20 minutes writing as many words or phrases that you can whilst looking at your picture from yesterday. You might describe your character's appearance and actions as well as their family or home. Think about how you might organise your ideas and only include your best words. I have included some word mats below to help; you may want to use one or you could use all three.


For the last 10 minutes, look over your words and use the links to either check any spellings that you are unsure of using the dictionary or improve some of your weaker word choices by using the thesaurus.



Tricky - Focus on choosing the best adjectives and checking over your punctuation.


Trickier - You should be including adverbs as well as the best adjectives.


Trickiest - All of the above and I'd expect to see some similes to add some flair to your writing.



SPaG - Where did it happen? Can you match the fronted adverbial to the sentence it best matches by writing the sentence in your book? Spend no more than 20 minutes and then check your answers.