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I can perform a poem.


I hope that you all enjoyed writing an acrostic poem yesterday. Today we are looking at performance poetry. These are poems that are written to be read out loud. They often have a catchy rhythm, rhymes and they sometimes have a beat that accompanies the poem. Last term, we learnt and performed the poem 'Walking with my Iguana' at school. I have included this poem below to get you warmed up. Can you remember the beat and how to perform this poem? Once you have performed this poem you can access today's task.


Today's task is to learn and perform the poem, 'The Schoolkids' Rap' by John Foster.


  • First, read the poem and see if you understand what it's about.
  • Read it again but this time look to see if you can notice the rhythm of the poem and where the rhymes are. Say the poem out loud to see how it sounds.
  • Click on the link below and listen to John Foster performing his poem. Did it follow the same rhythm that you found? 
  • Finally, learn the rhythm of the poem and perform it for a family member. You may want to add a beat to it so that it sounds more like a piece of rap music. If you want to, you could record yourself rapping the poem to see how you sound. If you are feeling proud of your work, you could record it and share it on Seesaw for your friends to see.



Walking with my Iguana

The Schoolkids' Rap


by John Foster


Miss was at the blackboard writing with her chalk,

When suddenly she stopped in the middle of her talk,

She snapped her fingers, snap! snap! snap!

 Pay attention children and I’ll teach you how to rap.


 She picked up her a pencil, she started to tap,

All together children, now clap! clap! clap!

Just get the rhythm, just get the beat,

Drum it with your fingers, stamp it with your feet.


That’s right children, keep in time,

Now we got the rhythm, all we need is the rhyme

This school is cool, Miss Grace is ace,

Strut your stuff with a smile on your face.


Snap those fingers, tap those toes,

Do it like they do on the video shows,

Flap it! Slap It! Clap!  Snap!  Clap!

Let’s all do the school kids’ rap!