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Over the next couple of weeks, we will be planning and writing a story. Before you can do this we need to think about who the main character will be in your story. Think about what makes a good character. Are they brave? Shy? Do you feel sorry for them? Why do you want them to succeed?


In Roald Dahl stories, these tend to be children although you might decide against this. They usually start off in an unfortunate place and the reader often feels sorry for them. Use the link below to explore some of these characters before creating your own, using the worksheet below.


Put as much thought into this as you can. Good characters can make great stories but boring characters can often stop a reader from wanting to read on.


Good luck!



P.S If you really can't think of a new character, you can use a character that you already know. You might want to write a sequel to a story that you already know.