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Here we go ....


It's time to start writing our masterpiece. Before we start, it is important to use our story map to retell the story so that it is fresh in our minds. Once you have done this, read over your planning bullet points from your opening plan last week. Today we are only going to write our opening so we need to describe who are main character is and where they are. We need to introduce any characters who also appear in the story, such as family members and also describe how our main character is feeling. What do they want to achieve?


Spend 25 minutes writing your introduction and then 5 minutes checking over your writing. You might want to use a dictionary or thesaurus when you are editing to help to improve your word choices. Remember how to set out speech and do your best.



If you're not happy with your work, take a little break and think about what you can do to improve it. You might want to re-read the opening to your favourite story to give you some inspiration.