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Wednesday 21st October


LO: Can I plan a diary entry?



Today we are going to plan a diary entry. You are going to have a go at writing as if you were the bus driver

In school last week, you created a plan for your Rosa Parks diary entry. Today we are going to do the same thing; just instead of pretending to be Rosa, you are going to pretend to be the bus driver instead. 


I have attached a planning sheet for you to answer all of the questions. Remember to write about how the bus driver would feel. Can you think of some different words for his feelings?


Remember! You are the bus driver so you will need to write in first person (I)


I have attached a copy of the story and our Rosa Parks planning sheet that we started to complete together to remind you of how to do this task. 


Try to include as much information as you can on your on your plan as this will help you with tomorrows task.