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LO:  Can I use subordinating conjunctions?


Today is SPaG day. 

Your job today is to write sentences which include a subordinate conjunction. "What's a subordinating conjunction?" I hear you cry!!!! Well take a look at the YouTube video below which should help to remind you ☺️


After you've watched the video you then need to get started with writing your sentences. You can either look at the word mat and write a sentence for each word (like a list of separate sentences, they don't need to link at all).  Or write your sentences using the other sheet below where part of the sentence has been written for you and you just need to finish it off.


You may be thinking "Do I need to add a comma to my sentence?"  Well...

When a subordinate clause begins a sentence, it has a comma after it. You do not need a comma before a subordinate clause if it follows the main clause (except "whereas" and "although").


This YouTube video may help you with your knowledge of subordinating conjunctions: