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Now that you have had a go at the Mental Maths test we set you, have a go at some of the challenges below.  For the first one where you need to make each line equal 16, you can use the same number more than once if you need to.  You might have to have a few attempts at it to get it right but, just like in school, don't give up because you will get the answer in the end. 


Start with the lines that already have most of the numbers given to you.

Add up the numbers that you already have and then count on to see how many more you would need to add to make 16.


If you manage to solve both the lines of 16 and lines of 20 puzzles, try having a go at some of the other challenges on the sheet.


If you are finding it tricky, just focus on trying to solve the lines of 16 puzzle and don't worry too much about the other challenges.