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What did you think about the story?


Today's task: We are going to write about our own opinions of the story, using the conjunction because to add detail to our opinions. Reread or listen to the story again so that you have time to think about whether you enjoy it or not and to form your reasons why. Once you are ready, write your answers using full sentences in your book. The first question has a template of an answer to help you.



1. What did you like about the story?


I liked the part where _____________ because _________________________________.



2. What surprised you?



3.Did the story remind you of any other stories?



4. How would you improve the story?



5. Do you think that the trolls were good or bad?



6. What do you think is the message of the story? Choose one and give reasons.


    a) Don't sit on the edge of a cliff.

    b) Don't ignore warnings.

    c) Don't go swimming at night.

    d) Don't stay up all night.