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Wednesday 13th January

LO: Can I use my senses to describe a setting?


We are going to use our five senses to complete some more descriptive writing today.

Who can remember what their five senses are?


Firstly, we need to to have a look at the same picture from the book that we used yesterday and also watch the senses video. This will hopefully give you some more ideas and help you with your writing. 


Today's task

Once you have completed the tricky and trickier task you could always have a go at todays trickiest activity. Here we would like you to use what you have learned to write a description about a football match. What do you think you would see, hear, taste, smell and feel during a football game? Would it be different if you were a player or a supporter? We are looking forward to reading your descriptions. Remember, you must write in full sentences making sure that you punctuate them correctly too. That means putting capital letters, full stops and maybe commas (if you include a 2a sentence) in your writing. 



Words mats to help you