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I can write a warning story



Today's Task: To use your plan to start writing your own warning story. Remember to use prepositions within your story and see if you can use any of the ISAWAWABUB conjunctions from last week (see resources below). Don't worry if you haven't finished your story today as you will have time tomorrow to edit and improve it.




Use the original story and your plan to start to write your own troll story. If you want to, you can use the first paragraph of the story below to set the scene. Just fill in the gap with your new idea for something in the landscape.



There once lived a band of trolls. They were _____, _____ creatures who were feared by humans and hid away ___________________________. All trolls knew that if they ever got caught outside in the daylight, they would immediately be turned into ________________. So, each night, under the cover of darkness, they would venture outside to ________________.





Remember to:

  • Pick out some key things in your setting you want to describe – use the pictures

    in this work unit to help you;

  • Give the reader a picture in their head by using some good adjectives to

    describe the different things in your setting;

  • Start some sentences using prepositions to let the reader know where things

    are – see poster below.

The Stone Trolls