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Wednesday 27th January


You will need the information about the character that you created yesterday for today's lesson. 


A you have been working so hard, we though you should have a rest from writing today and use some drama instead. We would like you to record an interview with the character that you created yesterday. If there is someone at home to ask you the questions then that would be great. If there is not any one available at home to do this, you can just record yourself explaining to us all of the things about your chatacter.


We would like to know...

What is your characters name?

What does your character look like?

What clothes does your character wear?

What job does your character have?

Where does your character live?

What does your character like?

What does your character dislike?


It would be great if you could be in role as your character and you could describe yourself. 


We cannot wait to see your videos today on Teams.