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Iron Man Chapter 2

Iron Man Planning template

Learning objective: I can plan a threat story.


This morning, our task is going to be to start to plan an approaching threat story. To do this, we will be focusing on the character of The Iron Man and thinking about the part in the story when Hogarth first sees him when he is on the cliff. We will be working together through this story. We will all have the same threat (The Iron Man), the same setting (the cliff at night) and the same character (Hogarth). All of our stories will be different though because we all have our own ideas about this part of the story and we all have our own ways of making the reader feel frightened about The Iron Man. To get you started, read through this section of the book above before completing the task.



Task 1:


This morning we will be gathering ideas for our writing and putting them into the plan below. We will first think about how The Iron Man moves when he approaches Hogarth. These will be verbs (doing words) but may also contain adverbs which describe how he is moving.




reaching slowly, striding nosily, peering threateningly, chomping loudly,



Use the link below to find similar words to the ones that you have chosen.


Task 2:

In the next box, we will be writing about The Iron Man's appearance. This is what Hogarth sees when he finally sees The Iron Man. Write a list of words that describe The Iron Man's appearance. You might even be able to use a simile.




large head, powerful hands, glowing eyes, iron fingers, taller than a house, 


head shaped like a dustbin, eyes like headlamps



Task 3


For this section, we will be thinking about Hogarth's reaction to seeing the terrifying Iron Man. We will be thinking about how his body would react to this. Think about how you would feel if you were frightened. Fill this box with words and phrases that tell the reader that he is scared.




stood still, glued to the spot, trembling knees, legs turned to jelly, panicking, shaking


Task 4 


In the final section, we will be writing about some of the smaller details to do with Hogarth being scared. Think about how the inside of his body might be reacting. This might include the following:


sweaty palms, the hairs on his neck standing up, his mouth went dry, he gulped, his heart raced, his breathing sped up, his mind raced with worry.





Iron Man Plan Template