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Approaching Threat Story - Paragraphs 2 and 3


Start this lesson by reading over yesterday's opening paragraph. Look for any basic errors that you might have made and see if you can improve any word choices.



Today's Task: Independent write.



For today's task, you will be writing paragraph 2 and paragraph 3 of your approaching threat story. As this is an independent activity, there will be no WAGOLL for today's paragraphs. You can magpie ideas from previous learning and you could read over yesterday's example to help you with the tone of the writing. Please follow the paragraph planning template below to help you to organise each paragraph.



Paragraph 2: 


  • Introduce different parts of the Iron Man's body (He doesn't yet know that it is The Iron Man). Hogarth might see his head high above the trees, he might see his hands snapping trees and moving them out of his way. He might see the outline of a huge, shadowy figure.
  • Hogarth might hear the sounds of The Iron Man moving closer. He might wonder what is making that sound.
  • Hogarth realises that the creature is getting closer. He is scared but unable to move.


Paragraph 3:


  • The Iron Man emerges from the woods. Hogarth sees him in the moonlight. Describe the details of his body.
  • Describe Hogarth's reaction to seeing this huge machine.
  • Hogarth begins to panic. He wonders if this metal man will cause him harm.

Reading Lesson - Poetry independent comprehension lesson. Read the poem that we have already looked at in school. Can you answer all of the questions below?