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Good morning.  We have received a letter through the post addressed to the children of The Berkeley Academy. I can copied it below for you to read.




Dear Children,

We are all aware last year of the difficult times we had faced from The Iron Man who spread fear across our community and devastated our farming equipment. However, it seems that this problem has returned.

Just yesterday, an innocent family were enjoying a family picnic when the hand of this metal monster burst through the ground nearly hurting them. We know for a fact that this was indeed The Iron Man and that he has now escaped. Something must be done and you must help.

We need a far better trap that will need to be explained in detail. The very best explained trap will be constructed. I have attached an example for you that was used to help my team of local farmers pit-trap last year. What we now know is that this pit did not work.

Think carefully about how you are going to trap him and explain how your trap will keep him in place away from our community. It could be a better pit or a contraption perhaps. I will leave this with you to decide. You will need to explain the features of your trap. Think bigger, think bolder and think better. I would also like a labelled sketch too to accompany the explanation of how your trap works.


Your sincerely,

Mr Davies (The Town Mayor).



As you can see, the townspeople are struggling to catch The Iron Man and the mayor needs our help to design a trap. For today's task, read the 'How to trap an Iron Man' example text below. In it you will find the following tricky words. 



Choose 6 of the words and use the online dictionary below to find their meaning. Write the definition in your book. Can you find the words in the example text? Over the next week, we will be working towards creating our own explanation text which will teach the townspeople how to catch an Iron Man.