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Week 2 (30-3 Apr)

Task 3

What do you think…?

Look at the pictures of the ancient Egyptian gods – what do you see? What do you think each god represents?

Research:  use the gods fact sheet, plus the internet and books to find out more about each of the gods.

Useful websites:


Use this information to create an ancient Egyptian gods Top Trumps style card game. If you can print, print templates provided. If not, design your own cards in your books.



Task 4

Read the Hieroglyphs Fact Sheet

What do you think…?

Why did the Egyptians use hieroglyphs? Can you find out how we found out what the hieroglyphs mean? (HINT: research the Rosetta Stone)

Crack the Code

Use the hieroglyphs key to work out the names of the gods, then write your own name in hieroglyphs.

You do not need to print this sheet - just write answers in your book.



And finally:

Can you complete an alphabet ladder for ancient Egypt?

Print and complete the sheet or write one out in your book.