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At the Berkeley we strive to develop a love for learning about the past. We want to cultivate a love for history through an enquiry based approach that engages our pupils in discovering more about the rich history of our country alongside the history of countries and cultures from further afield. We work from Nursery through to Year Six developing and building upon a breadth of knowledge and skills and we aim to support the children in retaining and expanding this knowledge through a process of reflecting on prior learning and new teaching in each year of their educational journey.


We aim to develop key historical skills through a sound basis in learning about the past. From an early age we develop the key skill of understanding what is past and what is present. As this chronological awareness is developed we continue to layer further historical concepts such as dates, time periods, key events and significant individuals. Through this chronological approach to the curriculum our pupils are able to understand continuity and change over long periods of time and also are able to attribute their own significance to events and individuals within history. This helps our pupils understand the importance of celebrations and the significance of remembering people and events that occurred long before they were born.


As they continue on their historical journey at the Berkeley they will also develop an analytic element to their studies. They will start to understand that through shared experiences and stories events can be perceived through different lenses. This will allow them understand why and how historians record events from the past and it will encourage them to challenge misconceptions whilst evaluating sources and texts on their reliability and validity.