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Visions and Values

The Berkeley Academy is dedicated to becoming an outstanding learning community, both academically and environmentally, with outstanding provision for pupil’s personal and social development and well-being.


We offer pupils a dedicated team of staff, who are committed to developing the knowledge, skill, attitudes and understanding, which will enable children to enjoy learning and achieve success. We ensure that our children learn about and have confidence in themselves as learners, setting goals and holding high aspirations for their future. 


Our particular aims are:

  • To provide the best quality teaching and ensure that our children attain the highest academic achievement
  • To create a happy, caring, secure and well ordered environment which enables children to work towards achieving their potential, academically, socially, emotionally and physically
  • To provide a physical environment which is stimulating and aesthetically pleasing and which encourages curiosity and creativity
  • To provide a stimulating broad and balanced curriculum which caters for all children which encourages them to develop confidence and independence
  • To develop in children lively and enquiring minds and the ability to reflect, and to question and to argue rationally
  • To promote a school ethos which develops tolerance and mutual respect and encourages courtesy and consideration for others
  • To foster an atmosphere which encourages behaviour based on shared values, positive example and consistency
  • To affirm and celebrate achievements and to help develop self-esteem and self-discipline
  • To provide equal opportunities for all children irrespective of gender, race, class or ability
  • To help children to understand the society in which they live and celebrate its diversity
  • To work with parents, enabling them to play an active part in their child’s education and the life of the school
  • To enhance the partnership with and between teachers, parents, governors, children and the wider community.

With consideration of our aims, and by carefully analysing the needs of the children of The Berkeley Academy, the school uses the following KEEE Curriculum Drivers to enable our children to grow as learners and approach new experiences with endeavour and confidence:



   Knowledge of the World  


        Emotional Awareness




   Chancery Vision

A thriving family of schools who work together to celebrate differences, and support each other in pursuit of excellence.


Chancery Values



                          Lifelong learners 

                                   Openness and Honesty