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What I Need To Bring WIth Me

What I will need in my Nursery bag


  • A couple of spare changes of clothes including footwear - Children have the opportunity to explore various materials including water, paint and mud so can get a bit over excited!
  • A sturdy water bottle – Children do tend to drop their bottles and some types have a tendency to break
  • If not toilet trained, spare nappies or pull ups
  • A snack - We provide fresh fruit, water and milk each day but some prefer to bring their own
  • A lunch box - If having lunch and not having a hot dinner


For sunny days

  • Sun cream - Please apply before coming into Nursery to help staff and we will re apply.
  • A sun hat


Please please please label ALL your belongings with your child’s name. Unfortunately from time to time items can go missing and having a name on each item helps staff to quickly return the items to correct person.