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Intent, Implementation and Impact


Through the teaching of history at the Berkeley the children will develop an understanding of the key events and significant individuals that helped shape Britain as it is today. They will also foster an understanding of the wider world and how people have developed from prehistory to today. They will develop key history skills from Nursery through to Year Six that will enable them to analyse, evaluate, reflect and compare the knowledge that is shared with them. They will develop a keen understanding of the present by learning about how it has been influenced by the past. Through all of this and more the pupils at the Berkeley will develop an identity and an understanding of what it means to grow up in Britain.



Children at the Berkeley will engage in a carefully planned and considered curriculum that will develop their chronological understanding through careful sequencing of periods of history in an order. They will also discover about the rich local history of Crewe and Nantwich. The children in our Early Years setting will begin to learn historical skills through our class memory boxes and within the Understand of the World section of the Early Years Framework where children will learn about the past and present and people’s cultures and communities.


Through the use of history subject books that move through school as children go from year to year they will be able to reflect and recall prior learning and also understand how themes in history have changed or continued over time. By looking at the same key elements within each topic the children will be able to build upon what they have already learned and this will engage and enthuse them to develop a love for learning about the past.



Subject leaders identify the skills that they want pupils to know and remember in each term across a range of subjects. For example, in history the knowledge and skills that pupils need to build upon from the Nursery class to Year 6 are clear in teachers’ planning. Pupils show exceptional attitudes to learning.’ Ofsted October 2019


Through monitoring and assessment of the Berkeley history curriculum and how we implement the Early Years framework we can see that the teaching of history is impactful. The knowledge that the children acquire is built upon over time to ensure it is retained and strengthened year on year. The children are enthusiastic about the subject and enjoy learning about the past and its significance. They are able to compare and contrast different periods and events within history and can challenge, evaluate and analyse source materials.


Not just internal monitoring, but also through Ofsted inspection in the subject, and the successful application for the History Association Gold quality mark it is clear that the children at the Berkeley have a rich diet of both purposeful knowledge and key skills which is developed thoughtfully and carefully by dedicated and knowledgeable practitioners.