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What is Art and Design like at The Berkeley?

"I feel like I can be free in art lessons" 

     "I like looking back through my sketchbook to see how much I've improved"



In nursery we explore and play with a wide range of media and materials. Our art is focused on the process over the product allowing children to freely express themselves and develop skills required for their artistic journey. We have looked at the artist Frank Stella and the teachers have modelled a variety of techniques based on process art, such as creating texture, pattern and enclosing shapes. 



Environmental and creative week. 

We created drawings of our favourite sea creatures. We drew them in pencil, then outlined in black permanent marker pen. Using oil pastels we added colour before colour washing in brusho. We were inspired to draw these using the book, 'Commotion in Ocean' by Giles Andreae. The following week, we used these drawings to inspire our writing!

Year 1

The children have been looking at different materials and how we can use them to create sculptures. We looked at a variety of artists that specialise in sculptures and chose the artist Faith Bebbington. Faith Bebbington is a local artist who produces sculptures big and small from all sorts of materials. We enjoyed making our sculptures using newspaper and masking tape and finally painting them. 

Year 2 

Expressive Painting

We studied artists who use colour and mark making to make art. We then developed our knowledge of primary and secondary colours through expressive mark making, connecting colour and texture. Next, we recorded similiar brush marks that we saw in paintings and captured the colour that stood out. Finally, we used acrylic paint to create gestural paintings of a still life scene. 


Year 3

Sculptures- Telling Stories through drawing and making

We have made sculptural equivalents of characters from film and literature. We have studied the artists Rosie Hurley, Inbal Leitner and Roald Dahl. 

Year 4

Year 4 created their own tessellations thinking about colour, composition and shape. They looked at the artist Andy Gilmore and used his artwork as inspiration when creating their own. 

Year 5

Year 5 conducted an artist study on Phil Dean and Shoreditch Sketcher, discussing aspects from given and researched images, along with expressing their own personal opinions about the artwork. Following the study work, the children have gone on to create their own pieces of art inspired by their preferred artist. 

Year 6

Yinka Ilori is a contemporary artist who has a distinct style based in bold colour and design. He is well known for designing chairs, often using two or three chairs to upcycle as one new and very striking seat. 


Before designing our own small models we spent time observing and drawing chairs around us. Children developed our skills of observational sketching and had to work hard to get the correct proportion and perspective. Shading was used to give depth. Sketching the chairs gave children time to really examine how different chairs are put together.