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What is PE like at The Berkeley?


In PE we encourage children to think about how they can move their body, from large gross motor skills, learning to catch a ball, complete an obstacle course or turn the peddles on a bike, to fine motor skills using our small muscles to thread, pinch and manipulate materials. The children learn to negotiate space and get a sense of self and how they can move safely. We develop team building skills through turn taking games and discuss the impact that exercise has on our bodies. We also learn to look after ourselves and care for our bodies. 


In reception we have been practising ball control and finding different ways of throwing and catching. We have also been coached by Stoke City, exploring different ways of jumping, as well as getting ready for Sports Day!


Year 1

We have enjoyed learning lots of new skills over the school year from dance, gymnastics, striking and fielding fames and athletics. We have practiced hard to be able to control a ball with both our hands and our feet. Learnt new ways to throw and catch a ball and made up some amazing gymnastics routines. 


Year 1 have been working alongside Stoke City Primary Stars during their PE lessons. The children have worked on their reaction times, catching and throwing skills as well as working cooperatively as part of a team. They have done this through ball skills work including rolling, tracking and aiming as well as locomotor skills and using bats. 


Year 2

Year 2 have been creating their own gymnastics sequences. They have been exploring how to travel in a variety of ways, holding a shape whilst balancing on different points of the body and linking actions to make a sequence. They have included lots of exciting and interesting balances, jumps and rolls too!


Year 3

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their football lessons. Each week, they have learned new skills and techniques. They are now able to confidently control the ball whilst travelling. 

Year 4

In PE we have been learning tennis and athletics skills. We have enjoyed maintaining rallies and have learned how to increase our speed during track and field sessions. We have also been to the local high school to practice our skills. 

Year 5

During their PE lessons, Year 5 have been composing individual, partner and group dances that show a change of pace and timing in their movements. They have used transitions to link motifs smoothly together, demonstrated strong and controlled movements throughout a dance sequence and combined flexibility, techniques and movements to create a fluent sequence.

Play Leaders

At The Berkeley our Year 5 children have undertaken play leader training, where they have developed skills to enable them to deliver small games for our younger children during lunch times. 

Year 6

Children in Year 6 build on their skills in both golf and rounders. They have shown clear focus and real resilience in both areas. 


In rounders, children moved from refining their skills of throwing and catching and have been able to develop skills of leadership and teamwork as they have gained in confidence. In golf, children have enjoyed learning a variety of new skills, including putting, which has been really demanding in terms of patience and co-ordination.