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Using simple plurals/plural forms

Why is this important?
Children need to understand and use plurals to be able to identify and
describe more than one of something (e.g. duck vs. ducks; house vs.
houses). It is fine for children to over-generalise the rule to begin with

(e.g.‘fishes’, ‘breads’).

What to do
• Make a scrapbook together.
• On one page, put a picture of an object and on the other page, put a picture of
several objects (e.g. one dog on one side; lots of dogs on the other page).
• Either draw, print out, cut out, use stencils, etc. to prepare the pictures.
• Whilst the child is drawing/sticking, take the opportunity to refer to ‘dog’/‘dogs’.
• Talk about what you can see in the pictures, encouraging the child to say ‘a
dog’/‘lots of dogs’.