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No Outsiders

Watch our No Outsiders reflection film by clicking on the image below


At our school, we promote No Outsiders.

The No Outsiders curriculum teaches children to respect and accept difference and diversity using the Equality Act 2010 (British Law) as a solid foundation.  It supports other work we do in school to prepare children for life in modern Britain and teaches the children British Values. The principles of No Outsiders are integrated in our own school values. By embracing these, we intend for our school to be a safe place for all, where no child or member of our community will be treated as an outsider.


Why is this important?

It is important we create a school culture in which children, staff and the whole school community work together to foster an environment of inclusivity through effective spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) and character education. We want our children to champion inclusion, celebrate diversity, never feel that they are an outsider and welcome everyone they meet.


How will No Outsiders fit in to the school day?

  • The No Outsiders resource provides lesson plans for each primary school year group (EYFS - Y6) based on a selection of picture books. Class teachers will deliver the programme throughout the year using these developmentally appropriate texts. Areas of discussion include: gender and gender identity, religion, race, sexual orientation, disability and age. The focus of the programme is around noticing, celebrating and developing resilience around diversity. Through discussion and activities based upon the picture books, pupils are encouraged to show respect and develop their understanding of diversity.
  • All school staff will promote and recognise the No Outsiders ethos as part of the school day.
  • Assemblies will support and explore related topics and promote the inclusive ethos.


Impact of No Outsiders

Our children will become empowered by their own sense of identity and individuality. They will be able to listen to and understand the views and beliefs of others, building positive relationships with all despite their differences. As an inclusive school, our teachers are confident to tackle and explore difficult situations, using positive language to create a sense of belonging for all.

We will work alongside our families and parents to deliver this message of inclusivity.

You are very welcome to call in to see your child’s class teacher to discuss this approach and to view the picture books we shall be using. A full list of the books used and lesson objectives can be found below.

There is a short video explaining more about No Outsiders by Andrew Moffatt. Click on the following link to watch the video:

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