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What is Geography like at The Berkeley?


Through our knowledge and understanding of the world we have looked at what the weather is like around the world. We looked at different places we went on holiday and described what the weather was like there.

We chose the book You choose to see where we would like to go on a journey. We wanted to go to a volcano and to  our houses. 

We talked about our houses and the shapes that our houses make. We talked about going on train journeys and what it is like to live in Crewe.

We talked about our community and what makes our community special.


This year in geography, we have been learning about the changing seasons. We have been on lots of nature walks throughout the year to spot the signs of winter, spring and summer. We used our forest area to learn about how nature changes through the year. We have been learning about animals and their habitats too. We learnt about where different animals originate and sorted them into the correct habitats. We learned about the climates in the different habitats and how that affects what lives there. 


This year we have also learnt about different houses and buildings. We talked about the types of homes we live in and learnt lots of new vocabulary such as detached, semi-detached, apartment and bungalow. We looked at a variety of street maps and on google maps and learnt about the features of maps. We then created our own map using a key to plot key places. 


We are currently learning all about the seaside and the features of the seaside. We looked at a map of Great Britain and talked about how the beaches are along the edges and this is called the coast. We have been discussing our own holidays and plotting them on a map of the world to see where we have all been. 

Reception Fieldwork

Reception went on a visit to the Library. As we travelled to the library we look at the different places we could see and recognise along the way.

Year 1

Children in Year 1 have been learning about the UK and where we live. 


We are learning all about recycling, we used our knowledge of materials in science to think about what things would be good to recycle. We started the topic by thinking about if we recycled at home and if we were good at recycling at school? We went on a little field trip study around our school to spot the bins. 

Fieldwork Year 1

Year 1 have been enjoying their topic of Recycling we went on a little field study to find out what bins we have and use around our school. We used our mapping skills to identify the bins.

Year 2

We have been learning all about Airports Trains and Transport. 

We have learnt about main train stations and airports that are local to us and used a map to locate these. We have also learnt about the different job roles and even had a visit from a train driver who told us lots of information about his job. 

Year 3

In year 3 we have been learning about the UK and what the different Islands are called, we have revisited our understanding on capital cities and looked at major cities in the UK.

Year 4

In year 4 the children have been learning all about  mountains volcanoes and earthquakes. We now know that these naturally occur due to tectonic plates moving and that they are more likely to happen in certain locations around the world, along fault lines.  We linked our science topic to support our topic on Biomes. We have talked about Biomes and linked our knowledge to our topic now.

For fieldwork, we have created a map of the local area and have plotted on the safest route to get to Shavington High School. We then walked the route and noticed some changes from our map and today, due to zebra crossings being recently added to the area. 

Year 5

Children in Year 5 have been learning about rainforests across the globe, in particular the Amazon rainforest.  As part of our learning we have discovered how to use Google Earth to locate rainforests and other biomes, we have shown that we can explain what a place is like and why, and we can identify features of own locality well enough to use as a comparative study. We have also learned a range of new and exciting vocabulary such as: biome, canopy, understory, biodiversity, temperate and sadly deforestation. 

Year 5 Fieldwork

The children took part in a survival day to support their work in Geography which looked at surviving in the Amazon rainforest. They discussed the need for food, water, warmth and shelter. This was then followed up in English where we wrote our own explanation texts.

Year 6

Pupils developed their ability to use Ordnance Survey maps. They enjoyed finding locations using six-figure grid references and practiced locating the school, their house and significant buildings on a map of the local area. They were interested to see how most motorists found their way around the area before Google Maps and Sat Nav technology and were impressed by the amount of information they could draw from it.

Our school focus on Earth Day led Year 6 children to find out more about the terms ‘Climate Change’, ‘Greenhouse Gases’ and ‘Global Warming’. They looked at evidence including photos and graphs they drew conclusions from what they read and observed.