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Design Technology at home and useful websites

Ideas of how you can help your child develop their DT learning and skills:

  • Work together to make projects at home. This could be with a variety of materials of could simply be during play. Design and make products together.
  • Try cooking together or creating a dish together. You could make savoury or sweet dishes e.g. sandwiches, soups, deserts, cakes etc. You could also link to their learning about the world and try creating dishes from around the world.
  • Encourage creativity whenever your child is making something. Follow their interests and see what their imagination creates.
  • Remind your child about health and safety measures when participating in DT e.g. when you cook, or if you construct something together.
  • Encourage your child to evaluate their creations. Talk together about what is great about their products and what could they do to make them even better.
  • Use topic themes and home learning opportunities to investigate how materials are suitable for different purposes.
  • Encourage your child to be resourceful in their choice of methods and materials.


Extra Ideas to Try At Home:


  • Junk modelling – create a model of an NHS emergency vehicle using recyclable materials.
  • Help an adult with some DIY around the house.
  • Design and make a bird house.
  • Make a card for a friend or family member including a lever. 

Useful Websites: