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Positive Behaviour

Behaviour and Discipline

We are committed to creating and maintaining a safe, welcoming, happy and well ordered environment in which everyone can learn effectively and reach the highest possible standards of which they are capable.


We expect everyone at Berkeley to:

  • care for each other and our  school
  • be polite and respectful towards others
  • show consideration of others in everything that they do
  • cooperate with each other - the success of our school is based upon us all learning to work together
  • celebrate and value personal achievements and the success of others


We have agreed school rules which the children were involved in writing. Each year classes agree with their teacher the key rules for their classroom. These are displayed within the classroom.


We believe that a whole school approach to discipline is the only successful means of achieving a good behaviour code in our school. The implementation of this approach involves children, parents, staff and governors working together and is set out in detail in our school behaviour policy. 

The home-school agreement sets out the responsibilities of the school, parents and children at The Berkeley Academy. Working with parents in partnership is a key feature of our school ethos and is central to our behaviour policy. We aim to involve parents fully in all aspects of their child’s education and this includes matters pertaining to establishing and maintaining good standards of behaviour. 



Anti-bullying – Guidelines for Parents

All pupils have the right to feel safe and secure. They need to feel free from any threat of bullying and to know where to go and to whom to speak if bullying occurs. This will normally be the class teacher. All complaints are treated seriously and acted upon in accordance with the school's anti-bullying policy.