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Safeguarding Champions


We are the school representatives who assist Mr Birchenough (Safeguarding Lead), Mrs Gohr (Deputy Safeguarding Lead), Mr Wagg (Deputy Safeguarding Lead), Mr Nixon (Deputy Safeguarding Lead), Mrs Barker (Chair of Governors) and Miss Dillon (Mental Health Lead) in all aspects of keeping the school community safe. We think that our job is very important as we are a vital part of everyday life in the school. 


We help to make sure that everything in the school is secure and safe for all of us.  We are responsible for updating the information signs on the school noticeboards and ensuring that children can see posters which may help us all think about being kind to others - or if we are worried about being able to stay safe online.  Another really important thing that we do is to help the staff find any safety hazards around the site. We spend time with Mrs Gohr discussing how we can make our school better - and most importantly, SAFER for all!