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Berkeley School Ambassadors

Nurturing pupils to be leaders is an important element to The Berkeley Academy’s success as a school. Pupils are encouraged to develop the necessary skills to enable them to take responsibility for their school and to then contribute positively both to the school and the wider community.  One of our most prestigious accolades in Year 6 is to be chosen as a Berkeley School Ambassador.


Our Berkeley School Ambassadors are chosen by members of the school staff for their outstanding qualities and as excellent role models for our school. Many things are taken into consideration when making our choice, including attendance, thoughtfulness and care for others, attitude to learning, positivity, perseverance and maturity throughout their time at school.


The main purpose of the job is to support the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team in promoting and representing the school. They carry out a wide range of duties over the year including assemblies, showing visitors around our school, promoting our school ethos at every opportunity and representing the school at events and special occasions such as the town remembrance service.


During their time in these roles they will be called upon to be ambassadors for the school and we hope that the privilege of being chosen will help to drive their ambitions and make them leaders of the future.