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What is Design and Technology like at The Berkeley?

What do we do to make Design Technology special?

Throughout the year, children have many opportunities to enhance their personal development through engaging in themed Design Technology projects linked to their topics: from building Anderson shelters in Year 6 to Mars rovers in Year 5.  Our themed KEEE weeks also provide opportunity for whole school themed learning linked to Design Technology.

Year 1 Puppets

Children join fabrics together using different methods.  They link this to their learning in English through making a hand puppet of one of the characters in a well-known story and then use the puppets in a retelling of the story.

Year 2 Healthy Wraps

Children taste various healthy foods and investigate the hidden sugars that are in some foods.  They then design, make and evaluate their own healthy wraps.

Year 3 Seasonal Tarts

Year 3 enjoy making healthy eating choices and create a visually attractive product- their tasty seasonal tarts.  They build on their learning from Year 2 by combining foods and learning about seasonality.

Year 5 Rainforest Shelters

The children make a shelter for the characters from The Explorer, experimenting with different types of joins, ways of strengthening their structures and different materials.

Special Visitors and Experiences

Steph O’Donnell came into school to teach two different projects: moving vehicles in Year 2 and Mars Rovers in Year 5.

Robert’s Bakery visited Year 5 and showed them how to create loaves of bread and explained more about their local factory.