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What is Design and Technology like at The Berkeley?


In nursery we have been learning how to construct with a purpose in mind. We have used different materials to create pirate ships and other forms of transport. We planned and problem solved when making bridges and pirate planks for our friends to cross safely. We have used different shapes, boxes and tools to create models to incorporate our play and we have followed instructions to bake for our stay and play sessions. 


In Design and Technology, we have been designing our own moving sea creatures. First, we experimented with joining materials in different ways. Next we have drawn our designs and chosen the best way to join the parts to make the sea creatures move. The final stage will be to make our moving sea creatures, ending with a circle time to review our final product. 

Year 1

We have been learning all about how different mechanisms work and how we can make pictures move. We chose to design and make a card that had different types of moving parts. We chose sliders, spinners, levers and springs. 

We researched different types of puppets, such as hand, string and finger puppets and looked at how they move. We collected some puppets from around the school and had a go at trying them out. We watched clips about puppets and chose our favourite. We then designed how our hand puppet was going to look. We learnt a new skill of sewing, which some of us found a bit tricky, but we persevered and produced some amazing puppets. Of course we had to finish with a puppet show!

Year 2


We explored the features of stable structures first before planning and designing our own. We tested lots of materials to see which would be the best to use for our garage. We decided that cardboard would be the best for the main structure with wooden cotton reels for the legs as they made our structure stable. Once we had made out garage we evaluated our product. Lots of us decided that we would change size of the entrance so that we could fit other types of vehicles, not just our fire engines. 

Children taste various healthy foods and investigate the hidden sugars that are in some foods.  They then design, make and evaluate their own healthy wraps.


Year 3


Year 3 enjoy making healthy eating choices and create a visually attractive product- their tasty seasonal tarts.  They build on their learning from Year 2 by combining foods and learning about seasonality.

Year 4

This term, we have been designing and making our own cookies and cookie box. After finalising our recipe, designing and making our biscuit box, we went to Shavington High School to bake our biscuits. 

Year 5

In Year 5 children investigate cam mechanisms and toys that contain them. They discover how different shaped cams can alter the movement of the follower and how to create a sturdy structure using a variety of tools and techniques. They then have the chance to design, make and evaluate their own moving toy with a cam mechanism. 

Year 5 have been creating their own felt phone cases by developing their own design criteria. They have designed products with the user in mind, thinking about aesthetics and functionality. Annotated designs were used to communicate ideas, as well as step by step plans. the children first made a paper template and then learnt how to sew a running stitch, backstitch, whip stitch and blanket stitch before making their felt phone case. Finally, once the products were made, children learnt how to write a detailed evaluation. 

Year 6


In Year 6 children prepare a meal.  They record the ingredients and equipment they need.  The children follow a recipe including the correct quantities.  They understand where to find foods and what foods go well together.


When studying electrical systems, the children draw on their understanding of simple electrical circuits and switches to help them generate ideas about a steady hand game. They produce a labelled drawing to communicate their ideas to others; join components and cut and shape materials with some precision to help assembly. They then join the materials of their device together using a range of appropriate techniques. They evaluate their alarm system by comparing it with their design intentions and suggest ways of improving it.



Special Visitors and Experiences

Steph O’Donnell came into school to teach two different projects: moving vehicles in Year 2 and Mars Rovers in Year 5.

Robert’s Bakery visited Year 5 and showed them how to create loaves of bread and explained more about their local factory.