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What is Science like at The Berkeley?


Reception grew sunflower seeds and learnt about the importance of watering the soil.

Year 1

Year 1 went on a tree hunt to see what different trees they could find. They found out if they are deciduous or evergreen. We found lots of different trees and lots of different leaves. The children said it was easier to find the deciduous trees because they had no leaves but hard to recognise what time it was.

Class 4 have started learning all about animals and their habitat. They started to look at where the different animals live and what kinds of things you would expect to see there. They looked more closely at the different animals and what they look like and how their appearance helps them to blend in or hide in their habitats. The class loved looking at the arctic animals especially the polar bears and thinking about how white they are because of the snow.

Year 1 learnt all about our bodies and identified the different parts of the body.

Year 2

Exotic Zoo visited our school which was a great start to our Animals including Humans unit!

Year 3

Year 3 have successfully made cross curriculum links between Science and Reading. This has furthered their understanding and knowledge about forces.

Year 4


Can I use a classification key?

Can I classify living things?

Can I recreate the digestive system?

Can I construct a variety of food chains?

What are the different teeth types and functions of teeth?


Can I identify common appliances that run on electricity?

Can I construct a simple series electrical circuit?

Can I make a light bulb light up in a complete circuit?

Can I make my own switch for a circuit and make simple observations?


Can I make a pan pipe using straws of different lengths to create different pitch sounds?

Year 5

Class 11 went outdoors to learn about good insulators:


Year 6

Chemistry with Cabbage fuelled Year 6's excitement for KS3 chemistry: