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What is Reading like at The Berkeley?


Children continue to develop a love of reading founded in nursery. They share a wealth of stories together and experience stories by being read to and through play.

They develop their reading skills through the phonics scheme Little Wandle. For more information on this please see the Phonics page.

Books that support the teaching of reading are Collins Big Cat. Children learn to point to the words taught in phonics lessons and read them aloud to build up sentences. They use the pictures to support them.

Steps to Read texts are shared by the teacher to model reading aloud and to explore themes.


Year 1

Children  in Year 1 become more confident and skilled  in applying phonics knowledge to decode words. They explore texts and use supporting illustrations to infer meaning linking what they've read to their own experiences. children are encouraged to use ‘because’ to explain answers.

Children develop confidence and knowledge of books by sharing texts with older children.

Reading lessons are part of the Little Wandle phonics programme. The reading practice sessions have a clear structure:

  • Pre-read: Revisit and review
  • Reading practice: Practise and apply 
  • Review: Pacey review of any misconceptions and explanation of what is expected for home reading.


Books from Steps to Read are read by the teacher to develop a love of reading together.

Reading Buddies

Year 2

In Year 2 Children learn to locate information efficiently from fiction and non fiction texts and develop specific words such as blurb, quote, and caption. They enjoy discussions on word choices and meanings and develop a broader vocabulary.

Year 3

Children enjoy discussing books, poems and other works that are read together. They begin using Accelerated Reader to answer quizzes that draw on their  inferential skills, understanding of character’s actions and emotions and encourage independent reading.

Year 4

In Year 4  connections are made within texts and between similar texts. Children are encouraged to link  their experiences and the experiences of others to texts they read and support their views and opinions with more in-depth explanations.

Year 5

By Year 5 children should have a wide knowledge of texts and authors including those from other times and cultures. They will read for a wide range of purposes and enjoy raising queries about texts.. 

Year 6

By Year 6 children are confident and experienced readers and have an clear view of the genres and authors they enjoy reading. They are able to present the views of authors and of themselves using clear evidence and offer counter viewpoints. Their knowledge of texts and authors allows them to compare and contrast books they've read and see the links between themes. Reading helps the children understand the effects  on individuals of events of the past and present.