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What is French like at The Berkeley?

Year 3

We read the story of Elmer in French and pupils coloured and labelled their own Elmer using the French colour words. They used the adjectives learnt in sentences to describe a sports kit. We read the story of the Hungry Caterpillar and pupils completed tasks including describing the life cycle of a butterfly in French. After Learning the vocabulary for food items, pupils wrote sentences about their likes and dislikes. 

Year 4

Pupils learnt the French vocabulary for parts of the body and face, building on from the adjectives learnt in Year 3. The children were able to understand descriptions of monsters and to draw and write about their own monsters. Pupils can write sentences to introduce a family and to give information about their own family and pets. After learning the vocabulary for various activities, pupils completed a class survey to ask others their opinions and write sentences to give their opinions of activities. 

Year 5

Using the activities learnt in Year 4, pupils completed a plan in the future tense. They also compared activities in terms of how energetic they are. Pupils are able to give a weather forecast for some towns in France on a day and describe what the weather is like in each season. They also used the points of the compass to write about the location of some English and French towns. 

Year 6

Pupils can write sentences saying what they have and don't have in their pencil cases. They can use adjectives in sentences describing uniform. Pupils can read a text and answer questions in French. They can say what jobs people have and where they work. They learnt the words for parts of the house and wrote descriptions of their ideal houses, using adjectives and connectives. Pupils researched countries around the World where French is dimensional, planned a trip to one of the countries and presented their PowerPoints to the class, including their future plans.