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Spring 2024

Darwin - Adaptation and Evolution

After a short discussion, Year 6 generated a lot of questions they wished to investigate further.


Our Top Five Questions

What evidence did Darwin find?

How did his investigations on Galapagos lead him to discover animals had adapted?

How long did it take him to sail to Galapagos and what did he take with him?

What made him choose to be a scientist?

Why didn't some people agree with his ideas?


To better understand the context and significance of his findings we explored what life was during the Industrial Revolution and read a wide range of books on loan from the Resource Library.

We also had some fun with some fictional texts.





These led us into a world of dragons which we enjoyed writing about. We wrote our very own stories based on M.P Robertson's book The Egg which tell of a young boy who taught a hatchling to do dragonish things.