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At the Berkeley Academy we want our children to be aware of their importance in the ever-changing world we live in. We want them to be inquisitive and try to find answers for their questions; we want them to have an understanding of how their actions impact others around the world, and most importantly we want them to encourage them to look beyond their ‘norms’ and become global citizens.

We regularly encourage and support our children to be curious and strive to embed ‘the golden’ thread’ of global learning. At times educating children about poverty, social injustice and globalisation can expose more questions than can be answered, but we believe that to be an active global citizen children need to be aware of what is going on in their world.


While continually talking about global issues we are also very aware of not giving the children a 'single story' of a place or person. To help combat stereotypes we have joined 'The Big Classroom' which a safe environment to communicate with different schools across the UK. 


"The BIG classroom is an online community of thousands of schools across the UK who are dedicated to promoting British values by giving a snapshot of their day to day lives at work, rest and play."