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June 2015

Having been unsure whether we would get funding again this year to have another visit from the teachers at Mutarakwa, we were over the moon to see the money had been granted to us and in June we welcomed Samuel into our school. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties in getting her visa, Helen, who is another teacher from Mutarakwa, was unable to come over with Samuel. However, this did not dampen his enthusiasm for being in Britain!

We again provided a jam-packed week for Samuel, which included, a talent-filled welcome assembly, bowling, sports day and a trip to London where we were lucky enough to go inside the Houses of Parliament. It was a wonderful time for staff, children and parents to speak to and learn from Samuel and to continue strengthening our partnership with Mutarakwa.


July 2014

As a school we were lucky to get another round of funding from the British Council to strengthen our partnership with Mutarakwa Primary, in Kenya. In June Evans and Esther came over for 10 days, Mr Swift and Miss Adams took great care of them and arranged a host of activities.

When Esther and Evans first arrived at school they were welcomed by a range of talent from the children, which they absolutely loved! During the week they went along to Chester Zoo with EYFS, cheered on those at Town Sports and visited the local High Schools. We also had a fantastic day in London with 10 Year 4/5 children, where we visited all the tourist attractions and enjoyed a Nandos for tea!

At the weekend Mr Swift and Miss Adams enjoyed a visit to the Manchester United museum and a much needed look around the shops. Their last few days went very quickly, they taught a range of lessons across the school and the children learned a lot. At the end of their visit two parents were kind enough to offer to host the Kenyans for two evenings and they had a wonderful time learning about home life in Britain.

At the end of a busy time Esther and Evans travelled their 24 hour (ish) journey home and arrived happy, but tired.



Since 2011 we have been proud to have a fantastic link with Mutarakwa Primary School in Kenya. Every year our partnership strengthens and we are so honored to have created such a worthwhile link. Our link was originally based on a soil project but has now developed into food and farming, along with the similarities and differences between each school’s local area.

Our first visit took place in 2012 when Peter, the Head teacher, and Caroline, a senior teacher, arrived from Kenya to visit the UK. During their stay they took part in a range of activities including Town Sports and a trip to London. Later that year, Miss Slater and Mrs Thomasson visited Mutarakwa, where they taught a range of lessons and were lucky enough to experience Kenyan school life first hand.

Justus and Mary from Mutarakwa came to The Berkeley in June 2013; they taught some Ki-Swahili and deepened our partnership. Justus and Mary had the pleasure of visiting some of our family homes and loved experiencing British life. October 2013 came around quickly when Miss Hackett and Miss Barber had their turn in visiting Mutarakwa and Kenya. During their visit they taught a range of lessons, including phonics and maths, and visited a number of Kenya’s beautiful attractions.