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Telling the Time!

In maths, we are learning to tell the time which is something that a lot of children find very tricky.  Telling the time is a vital life skill that children need to acquire as early as possible.  


Children need to be able to both say what time an analogue clock (hour and minute hands) is showing and also be able to show what the clock would look like when given a time to show.  


Below are all the different time sets that we will be learning.  It is vital that children are confident with each stage of telling the time before moving on to the next one.  As much support and practise that you can give your child at home alongside our learning in school will really help them to understand the concept much easier.  


Telling the time to the nearest:

1. O'clock

2. Half past

3. Quarter to

4. Quarter past

5. Nearest 5 minutes eg. 5 past.., 20 to..., 25 past..., 10 to... etc


Try to make learning to tell the time as fun as possible by playing games, turning it into a competition, telling the time on clocks you come across whilst out and about.  


If you don't have a clock nearby (or to test their level of understanding) you could try asking questions such as:

"Where would the minute hand be pointing at 6 O'Clock?"

"Where would the hour hand be pointing at half past 7?"

"If the hour hand was pointing just past the 2 and the minute hand was pointing at the 6, what time would it be?"


There is also a link to an online game below which you may wish to have a go at.