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Year 5

Class 11 Daily Message

Hello Class 11!


How are you all doing? I hope you had a great weekend and managed to do some fun things! I can't believe that we're onto our second week of learning from home already. I'm missing you all lots!


You've got a busy day ahead with the tasks, but make sure to take plenty of breaks and do things you enjoy. In Literacy today you are going to write a descriptive piece, similar to the sky advert. In Maths you are converting fractions to decimals. How are you getting on with the topic work? I would love to see what you have been up to - send me an email!


Hope you have a brilliant day!


Miss Burns


Ps. We're going to finish The Twits in the next day or so, so if you have a suggestion of a book please let me know! I really can't decide what to read next!

Daily Message Class 12  30.03.20

Good morning class 12,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and a good rest.


Today in English you’ve been asked to write a descriptive piece.  In maths you are going to be converting fractions to decimals (using the place value chart to move the digits to the right may help).


It was lovely to see wonderful examples of writing sent in by some of you, thank you. Please continue to send them in via email if you can.  I’d love to see examples of topic and maths work too.


Today’s space fact was sent in by Oliver:

Did you know...asteroids travel in a ring around the Sun. This ring is called the asteroid belt and it can be found between Mars and Jupiter 

Thanks for that Oliversmiley


If you have a space fact please send it into me and it might get posted tomorrow.


Have a lovely day

Take care,

Mrs Bateman



P.s. Matthew spotted the International Space Station passing over his house at the weekend.

P.s. Matthew spotted the International Space Station passing over his house at the weekend. 1
He also wanted to let you all know that it will passing over again this Monday and Tuesday night. If they are clear nights you should be able to see it (the brightest light you can see moving in the sky). Thanks Matthew, I'll definitely be looking out for it!!

Welcome to Year 5 


Class 11 - Miss Burns

Class 12 - Mrs Bateman and Mrs Capper

Miss Morris supports both classes


Please contact us via email ( or pop a note in your child's diary.

Here is a brief overview of the different topics the children will be studying throughout the year.



What on Earth?


Our topic focus this term is rainforests.

We will be locating the world's rainforests and exploring their physical features such as its different layers in Geography. We will also be looking at global issues such as deforestation and palm oil farming. 

Our working scientifically skills continue to be developed this term by observing and comparing the life cycles of plants and animals in their local environment with other plants and animals in the Amazon.

In English, we will be writing persuasive letters and leaflets about the effects of desforestation and palm oil farming on the rainforest. 

Fractions is our big unit in Maths this term. Please encourage your child to learn and practice their timetables, up to 12. They are so important, particularly when working with fractions!

Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo  1
Chester Zoo  2
Chester Zoo  3
Chester Zoo  4
Chester Zoo  5
We all had a wonderful time on our class trip this term to Chester Zoo.  We saw lots of rainforest animals and even got to see the newest addition to the zoo, the baby elephant!  Taking part in a workshop allowed us to find out more about deforestation and palm oil.  

Spring Term Newsletter

Autumn 2019


Who let the Gods out?


Our History topic for this term is Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. We will be looking at sources, maps and evaluating historical content. 

In English, our Talk4Writing text is Beowulf. This term we will writing narratives, poems and newspaper reports.

Place Value, Addition and Subtraction and Multiplication and Division will be our Maths focus.

In Science, we will be investigating the properties and changes of materials.


We are hoping to organise a Viking Day in the second half term to enrich the children's learning. Children will be encouraged to dress up for the day but we will give details nearer the time. 




Out of this World.


This half term we are looking beyond the world we learned about before Easter and looking into space. 

Areas we will investigate include

  1. The Solar System
  2. Sunlight and Space Travel
  3. Earth and Space
  4. Is there anybody out there?
  5. Day and night
  6. Phases of the moon.


In English we will look at one man's dream to fly in the beautifully illustrated book FArTHER by Graeme Baker-Smith and comparing it to the poem Grannie as well as using it to inspire our own story writing and poetry.

We will also be reading the classic children's book Tom's Midnight Garden by Phillipa Pearce.

Image result for farther grahame baker smith pdf


Taking a lead from the characters in FArTHER we will explore creating working devices such as levers and cogs and use mechanisms to design and create moving objects.


There are many other exciting things in store this term which you can find out about on our newsletter below,

If you have anything you are particularly interested in that you'd like to share or learn more about in school, let us know.

Summer Newsletter